Importance Of A Legit Bitcoin Casino Review

Importance Of A Legit Bitcoin Casino Review

There are a staggering number of Bitcoin casino review sites on the net. This poses a challenge for many casual players who are looking for safe and secured online casinos. It is a duty of a legitimate review site to report any problems or shortcomings of a site apart from any good things they experienced with the casino. Fake reviews can be harmful to any potential online betters as well as the casino it mentions.

Dangers of fake review

Imagine someone who have just recently obtained or bought Bitcoin and are looking forward to spend it on some online gambling sites. They might look up some reviews in order to find a casino which accepts crypto currency and has no withdrawal fees. This player comes across an illegitimate review which tells them of a casino they are looking for. After signing up and playing some games, the Bitcoin owner decides to withdraw their earnings. However, they are shocked to see they are going to receive less than what they were expecting because of a withdrawal fee which the review failed to mention.

Withdrawal fees in Bitcoin casino sites don’t usually cost a lot. Not mentioning it or saying there are no such fees could make the brand lose its credibility amongst new players. It could also discourage new players from signing up at any website.

Benefit of adding important negative information

A review has recently reported receiving a nomination for the 2016 “Rising “Star” EGR Operator award. BitCasino deserves this honor because of their accomplishment for being the first legally licensed Bitcoin gambling platform in the world. They have also provided a large number of promotions and quality casino games. Unfortunately, many UK players are going to miss out on these things because BitCasino is restricted within this territory.

This information might discourage a significant number of new signup for BitCasino. Then again, everyone who lives in the UK is not going to become a player in this casino any time soon. By adding this important information to a review despite its negative impact, they help potential players make an educated decision on which casinos to sign up with and avoid any inconvenience.

Tips in finding legit reviews

A good way to know if a review is legit is to find other online casino Bitcoin reviews for the same Bitcoin casino. This lets new players to get more details before signing up and making their first deposit. Another way is to find reviews from websites who have been checking and rating casinos for a long time. These sites stake their carefully built reputation to ensure their report on a casino is legitimate.