Bitcoin Video Casino Makes Online Betting More Fun

Bitcoin Video Casino Makes Online Betting More Fun

Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos out there. When it launched back in 2012, only three years after Bitcoin was released, it was at the cutting edge of Bitcoin adoption and it used its advantage to attract quite a following.

Nowadays, Bitcoin use is a bit more accepted and is not that much of a draw anymore. Most Bitcoin casinos at present resort to using deposit bonuses to attract players. However, Bitcoin Video Casino proves that it is possible to enjoy playing even without a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus being used.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are a popular sight among online casinos. These bonuses are offered so that people would sign up. The usual way it works is that people sign up for an account at a casino and then when they make a deposit, they get a bonus on their next deposit. This can range from minor bonuses like 25 percent to major ones like 200 percent. There are also often limits on the bonus being given.

For example, the casino offers a 200-percent bonus on any first deposit but with a limit of 1 BTC. This means that when a player deposits 0.5 BTC, they can get an additional 1 BTC to play with. There are usually withdrawal requirements that restrict people from actually withdrawing the bonus money. This comes in the form of wagering minimums.

A lot of deposit bonuses require players to wager them 25x over before players can make a withdrawal. Despite this, deposit bonuses are popular because they allow players to keep on betting even when their original stake is long gone.

The Bitcoin Video Casino difference

Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the online casinos out there that do not offer deposit bonuses. Some people may be turned off by this but Bitcoin Video Casino has enough to offer people without bonuses.

First, the casino offers some of the best odds available in its many games. This includes games like Jacks or Better Full Pay tables, Progressive Blackjack Lucky 7’s, Progressive Sixes on Craps, Triple bonus progressive Keno, Progressive 5 Reel Slots, and more. All of these have 99.5-pecent returns while being provably fair.

It also helps that the site does not even need for players to register. All that is required is a Bitcoin wallet address for deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, this site can be played anywhere because of its Android app.

Overall, Bitcoin Video Casino, which is now owned by, allows people to have fun in a legal Bitcoin casino even without a deposit bonus.