Bitcoin Casino Scam List

Looking for a Bitcoin casino to gamble on is like walking in a minefield, and in UK, being extra cautious and smart are important to avoid a sudden blast from falling in a treacherous hand. Is Bitcoin casino legal in UK? It is true that there are numerous reliable Bitcoin-powered casinos online, but there are also scammers waiting to take advantage of willing victims and left them with empty wallets.

One of the most important steps to consider is checking blacklisted Bitcoin Casinos. These are gaming platforms that received major issues of pulling some hideous schemes and frauds; hence, they must be avoided at all cost. In addition, knowing how detect frauds in advance is necessary and among the ways of doing it is by learning how these schemes operate.

To give a hand, this Bitcoin Casino Scam List details how usually Bitcoin casino scam works so it will be easier to get out of the gaming platform once a stab of doubt and suspicion strike.

–          The most common scheme in Bitcoin casino scam is that they do not pay out. Most players are claiming that when they are trying to withdraw their earnings, the client support cannot be contacted or in some cases, they tell to them wait, but it’s definitely a big sign for start to wait in vain.

–          While there are Bitcoin casinos that allows instant betting, there are also some that require players to deposit before they can play the games. There are reported cases wherein the gamers’ account are hacked and all the bitcoins in their balance have disappeared in a snap. When they tried to contact the administrator of the platform, no reply is received.

–          It is true that most Bitcoin betting sites are Provably Fair. However, do not put so much trust with this feature. Of course, there are great winning opportunities in these fair Bitcoin casino games, but of course, if they do not give earnings back to the players, everything is just nonsense.

–          Another thing to keep in mind is do not be blinded by too good to be true offers. Definitely, these are just traps to allure players to get started and deposit bitcoins.

Given this Bitcoin Casino Scam List, one can say that there are numerous tactics Bitcoin casino scams use to trick players. However, it can be avoided by being knowledgeable enough and of course, by being smarter than them.