Bitcoin Casino Poker

Poker is one of the staple Bitcoin casino games in almost any casino. You have two or more players trying to get the highest score possible in the table. Without knowing what kind of hand the other have, there is a heavy sense of suspense felt throughout the round. There are barely any other games with the kind of competitive tension that Bitcoin casino poker has.

To make the game interesting for long time players, there are a large variety of Bitcoin casino poker games. The use of Bitcoin to make bets is enticing many people to using the cryptocurrency when playing the game.

Basics of Bitcoin poker

In a Bitcoin casino poker game, you and everyone play with a set of cards. These cards form a certain hand combination that will give you your hand value. The hand combination has its own hierarchy of values. For example, a ‘pair’ hand formed from two cards with the matching ranking has a lower value than a ‘two pair’ hand formed from two sets of dual cards with matching ranking.

There are many sequences in a round of Bitcoin casino poker. For each sequence, you have four actions available to you. You can increase the amount you bet by doing a ‘raise’.  If someone chooses to ‘raise’ you can answer their bet with a ‘call’ where you match the amount they raised. When you want to give up the hand or you don’t want to match another player’s ‘raise’, you can choose to ‘fold’ where you give up the round. The last option is ‘check’ if no chooses to ‘raise’ and you do not want to surrender your hand. It is a good idea to play a free Bitcoin poker game to get a good grasp of the rules before betting any Bitcoin amount.

Types of poker games and its variants

There are three basic types of Bitcoin casino poker games.

  • Draw poker – This variant has the entire player’s cards hidden. One example of this is the Bitcoin 5 card poker.
  • Community poker – You play with a set of hidden cards and a set of community cards revealed as well as used by other players. Bitcoin Texas Hold’em poker is a good example of this.
  • Stud Poker – You play with a set of hidden and revealed cards. One classic example of this is Bitcoin seven-card stud poker.

Many poker variant games create new twist to the classic rules. Lowball for example switch the rules where the person with the lowest hand value is the winner of the round. Another is Anaconda Bitcoin casino poker where you exchange your cards with other players.