Bitcoin Casino Dice

The dice game has gathered a lot of attention in Bitcoin casino games. This is thanks to its easy-to-understand rules and many different bets available in the game. Each bets has their own odds of winning as well as its payout.

Basics of the dice game

To play a Bitcoin casino dice game, you first choose a number between two to 12. This is the marker you are setting for the bets. Next, you choose whether to bet on ‘high’ or ‘low’. Betting on ‘high’ means you are wagering on rolling a higher number than the one you picked. Choosing ‘low’ is wagering on a lower number than your chosen number.

Dice betting odds

The Bitcoin dice betting system of choosing a number as well as betting on ‘high’ or ‘low’ gives you a lot of different bets. These bets have different Bitcoin dice odds of winning and contrasting payouts. Having a bet with higher odds of winning and give you a low payout rate. High payout rates have low odds of winning.

For example, you can set your number to 12 and bet ‘low’ to get a safe low payout bet. You can also have a bet of ‘high’ with a 12 to get a risky high payout bet. You can set a middle ground by setting the number to 7 and betting on low. This will give you a 50/50 chance of winning and a 1 to 1 payout rate for the Bitcoin casino dice game.

Provably fair feature

Majority of Bitcoin casino dice game features a provably fair algorithm. The algorithm can show how every dice roll is authentic. Players are given a peace of mind in knowing they are able to play the dice game under fair terms.

The provably fair features of a Bitcoin casino dice game works by using two seeds created from both the server and your side. The two seeds create the random number of one dice roll. You can see your own seed for the next dice roll. The server only shows a hash version of the seed before the next roll. After the dice roll, the server reveals the unhashed version of its seed. You can convert the seed to hash to verify it is the same one used for the specific roll.

Use of Bitcoins

Another reason why many are playing Bitcoin casino dice is in using the cryptocurrency it. Playing with Bitcoins lets you transact with the casino quickly and without paying any transaction fees. You can even play in certain Bitcoin casino dice casinos that do not ask you for any personal information. This is great if you wish to play anonymously. There are also a number of casinos which offers a generous Bitcoin dice bonus.