Bitcoin Solicitor UK Lawyer

Bitcoin’s legality status in the UK remains uncertain, as do Bitcoin gambling. Is Bitcoin casino legal in UK? The main reason for this is the fact that this digital currency does not fit the regulator’s definition of e-money; hence, it is considered a ‘single-purpose vouchers’ as long as it counts as money. Given the blurry view on Bitcoin’s legality, Bitcoin businesses operators and those who wanted to get into the Bitcoin industry are seeking a legal advice.

For clarifications on all the legal aspects of this virtual currency, it is important to consult Bitcoin Solicitor UK Lawyer. The most popular Bitcoin Law Firm in London is Selachii LLP solicitors. It is a dynamic boutique law firm that solves a range of legal problems and assist customers with a broad range of legitimate matters concerning Bitcoin including other cryptocurencies. This law firm’s lawyers provide legal advice on Bitcoin regulation, company incorporation, taxation issues and disputes, shareholders agreement, mining pool agreements, joint venture agreements, money exchange regulation, and digital currency regulation.

With a help of Bitcoin Solicitor UK Lawyer, current and soon-to-be Bitcoin-based business owners will understand the important matters on this fast changing industry including the effect that proposed regulation may have upon their business. In addition, lawyers will also give a hand on learning the advantages of certain jurisdictions that are favorable to Bitcoin startups, knowing HMRC Bitcoin statements, regulation and guidance, and of course,  assistance in the overall structure and development of their Bitcoin company.

Of course, Bitcoin-related agreements also raise unique legal problems in this industry. Another service that this Bitcoin Law Firm offers is Breach of Contract involving Bitcoin. Clients can be assured of some advice to help them understand and solve these concerns. After all, there are numerous things to consider such as jurisdictions or any legal proceedings.

Thinking of entering the Bitcoin industry is easy, but considering legal matters is another story. This is why taking steps slowly by consulting Bitcoin Solicitor UK Lawyer is important given that if a Bitcoin related business is set up properly; the negative effects of the future regulations can easily be minimized.