Is Bitcoin Casino Legal in UK?

Bitcoin casinos are a fast-rising trend in the United Kingdom. It allows players to enjoy their favorite online casino games in the most convenient and rewarding way possible, which is by using Bitcoins in gambling instead of fiat currencies like GBP, EUR, or USD. On the other hand, it is also undeniable that Bitcoin is still a contentious issue for UK legal regulators and law enforcers. And amid all the uncertainty that revolves around this digital currency, one question is highlighted: Are Bitcoin Casino UK sites legal?

Last September 2013, meetings with policymakers in UK proposed that Bitcoin-based business would not have to register with regulators, at least for the time being. This will be the case while they are still considering their regulatory position about Bitcoin. And recently, the most current message from the UK recommends that BTCs won’t be treated as money; however, it will be classified as ‘single-purpose’ vouchers, which could carry a value-added tax.

Given this up-to-date status of Bitcoins in UK, it is clear that Bitcoin casinos are allowed operate without seeking Bitcoin casino regulation or license from the state’s regulatory body until the virtual currency’s legality status is drafted to finality. As stated by several Bitcoin Casino Review sites, Bitcoin-powered casinos in UK are permitted to provide gaming services using Bitcoins to their clients from all over the globe. Also, UK players can definitely gamble using these digital coins on various Bitcoin betting platforms online, which includes Sportsbook, Lottery sites, and of course, casinos. Like fiat casinos, these casinos also offer Bitcoin Casino Bonus packages like the popular Bitcoin Casino No deposit bonus, free spins, and many more.

As of the moment, the answer for the question, ‘Is Bitcoin Casino Legal in UK?’ is yes; however, this is only until a certain law on Bitcoin’s legality is approved. The populace is highly vigilant for any sort of Bitcoin casino scam, and the Bitcoin casino legal status in UK will still be based on the final verdict that will be implemented hopefully sooner rather than later and casino operators as well as players must adhere to these set of rules.